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TergiKleen Record Cleaning Fluid Concentrate 30ml ( Shippng to Ireland and NI - only ! )


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Protect your stylus, cartridge, and album collection by only playing them when they are perfectly clean. Dust your records before each play to avoid damage to your record collection. TergiKleen will eliminate dirt but will not repair groove damage. There is no miracle cure for damage. TergiKleen will leave no surface noise in cleaned grooves.

TergiKleen may be used manually or with record cleaning machines. Do not use full strength; add 10-20 drops to a gallon (3.8 litres) of distilled water or 3-5 drops to a quart (.95 litre) of distilled water.
It is used in very dilute form as a detergent surfactant that provides superior cleaning, with no known damage. Its superior wetting quality goes to work immediately to loosen dust, cigarette smoke residue, molds and waxes typical of records that have not been maintained in clean condition.

TergiKleen is a proprietary blended Tergitol formula ideal for cleaning your vintage vinyl albums. It is based on record cleaning solutions that have been time-tested for over 30 years.

Included Instructions how clean vinyl records and how to make liquid from concentrate


Manual Cleaning

Spin Clean Machine

Utrasonic Cleaning Machine

Vacuum Cleaning Machine

!!! Not Include PIPETTE DROPPER !!!

Shipping to Ireland and NI ONLY !!!

We also shipp to other country - Email please Contact Us